Galvanize HPO for all High Performing Organisations

About this Event

Now that ACL and Rsam have joined forces to create a category-defining platform for integrated risk management, we’re holding our first conference Galvanize HPO (High Performing Organisation). This being the inaugural Galvanize HPO, expect nothing short of luxurious venues, great food and awesome networking opportunities

Who Should Attend?

Whether you are involved with audit, risk, finance or compliance, have been to previous ACL User Groups or not, this event is for you. It will give you first-hand knowledge and insight into the power of the world-class HighBond, an end-to-end platform, designed by industry experts, to create stronger security, risk management, compliance, and assurance.experience that’s in store for you.

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2020

Time: 08:00-12:45 GMT+02:00

Dress Code: Business

Venue: The Oyster Box Hotel, Durban


  • 08:30 – Welcome to the world of Galvanize
  • 09:00 – Quick wins to make you the most sought after individual in your organisation
  • 10:00 – Tea break & networking
  • 10:30 – How the HighBond platform changed my life (client case study)
  • 11:00 – How to survive the fourth industrial revolution
  • 12:00 – Wrap up