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DAEP Basic

This 9-day course is designed to get you up and running effectively in the shortest period, this nine-day course is a comprehensive introduction to ACL Analytics. During the first 5 days of the DAEP Basic training, delegates will complete the full Starter Pack training course with the 4 subsequent days covering everything from Scripting Module 1.

This combined course is the quickest most effective way accomplish great things with ACL Analytics and realise the true value of your organisations investment in the software. In an interactive, hands-on environment, you will learn basic data as well as integral skills such as how to conduct analysis steps and procedures, and how to implement scripts in your daily routine to automate recurring ACL Analytics tasks

Key Objectives

  • Describe and discuss the data analysis cycle
  • Describe the three stages of data access
  • Create tables to access data
  • Import data into ACL
  • Verify data integrity
  • Test control totals, bounds, completeness, uniqueness, data relationships and reliability
  • Compare data from different files and systems
  • Filter data
  • Look for trends in your data
  • Generate summaries of your data
  • Create reports in ACL
  • Use ACL for sampling
  • Employ ACL to add value to your audits
  • Reveal exceptions and fraud
  • Clean your data and enhance your analysis
  • Create, edit and run scripts
  • Set ACL program options in scripts
  • Call scripts from other scripts
  • Define computed fields
  • Create and use variables
  • Design simple, conditional, and nested groups
  • Use variables in groups
  • Providing user input in scripts
  • Build user dialog boxes
  • Do error trapping
  • Apply best practices for planning, designing, building, testing and maintaining scripts
  • Automate your analysis
  • Schedule tests to run any time of the day or night


Internal Auditors and Data Analysts who have little or no background in ACL, that want to quickly benefit
from the value that ACL Analytics offers.


9-Day training course in a classroom style setting

How Much?

R34,500 excluding VAT per delegate/ $2.500 per delegate