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Scripting Module 1

This four-day course builds on the existing skills learnt in the Starter Pack course. You will learn how to use ACL Analytics scripts to do more in less time. Our ACL Certified trainers will show you how to implement scripts in your daily routine to automate recurring ACL Analytics tasks.

They will guide you through activities that illustrate how to work with scripts efficiently and easily to preserve best practices, which prevents errors and results in better controls. By freeing up time you will be able to investigate your data in ways you haven’t thought of and concentrate on activities that require critical thinking and judgement.

Key Objectives

  • Create, edit and run scripts
  • Set ACL program options in scripts
  • Call scripts from other scripts
  • Define computed fields
  • Create and use variables
  • Design simple, conditional, and nested groups
  • Use variables in groups
  • Providing user input in scripts
  • Build user dialog boxes
  • Do error trapping
  • Apply best practices for planning, designing, building, testing and  maintaining scripts
  • Automate your analysis
  • Schedule tests to run any time of the day or night


Data analytics specialists or senior auditors who have completed Starter Pack


4-Day training course in a classroom style setting

How Much?

R17,500.00 excl. VAT per delegate / $1,250.00 per delegate