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Scripting Module 2

This four-day has been developed for more experienced data analytics specialists or senior auditors who have completed Scripting Module 1 and would like to increase their knowledge and skills and wish to attain the international ACDA certification.

The four-day course teaches useful functions not covered in any of the earlier courses and includes advance scripting techniques. These skills further enhance the overall data analysis capabilities and assist with the automation of routine analytics to free up time for tasks that require critical thinking and judgement.


Key Objectives

  • Learn how to script loops.
  • Automatically import an undermined number of files of identical structure.
  • Learn to use regular expressions.
  • Check segregation of duties in an accounting system.
  • Look for duplicates in a novel way

Who should attend:

Data analytics specialists or senior auditors who have completed Starter Pack and Scripting Module 1

How much is this course?

R17,500.00 excl. VAT per delegate / $1,250.00 per delegate

19 July 2021 22 July 2021 Virtual training, online

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