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Open Enrollment

Starter Pack

A hands-on course for anyone who has never experienced ACL or attended any formal ACL training. This entry level course teaches the essential building blocks of utilising ACL for data analysis.

Scripting Module 1

Aimed at participants who have been exposed to ACL and have attended the Starter Pack introductory course. These courses teach participants how to combine various commands and expressions to increase productivity and produce more powerful results

Scripting Module 2

Developed for more experienced data analytics specialists or senior auditors who have completed Scripting Module 1, and would like to increase their knowledge and skills and wish to attain the international ACDA certification.

ACDA Ramp-up & Examination

Designed to help you ramp-up your skills and excel in both the knowledge bases and practical components of the internationally recognised ACDA examination

DAEP Basic

This combined course is the quickest most effective way accomplish great things with ACL Analytics and realise the true value of your organisations investment in the software.